World NGO Day eNewsletter: Mahnaz Afkhami Goodwill Ambassador Story

By Mahnaz Afkhami
In World NGO Day September 2013 ENewsletter

Across the world, the structures of power that determine women’s unequal status in society are really very similar, in spite of surface differences of style and implementation. We as (WLP) Partnership have decided that the only way we can change these structures is through exchange of experiences and strategies and building solidarity across borders, religions, and cultures.
Over the past several decades, women’s NGOs have worked together across national boundaries and diversities to clarify our purpose, hone our strategies, and create a shared vision for the future we seek. We have strengthened our ability to advocate, bring attention to abuse, propose legislation and policies, and make sure that these laws and policies are used to change the lives of people on the ground.
We’ve come a long way. And there’s still a long way to go. But with the tools and strategies that we have created together – one woman at a time, one organization at a time – we’re getting there.
We know our cause is just. We are committed. We are inspired. We will fight. And we will get our rights.

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