CANY Seminar Series Lecture “Eliminating Violence Against Women, A Discussion with Mahnaz Afkhami”

Afkhami’s lecture “Eliminating Violence Against Women, a Discussion with Mahnaz Afkhami” kicked off the 2013/2014 Creative Alternatives of New York (CANY) Seminar Series.

Women and the Future of the Middle East

International Museum of Women / By Clare Winterton / Listen
Mahnaz Afkhami spoke with I.M.O.W. Executive Director Clare Winterton as part of the Extraordinary Voices, Extraordinary Change Speaker Series. Together they covered a variety of subjects, including the WLP partnership goal of changing the architecture of human relations, and Mahnaz’s hand in helping to create a new generation of powerful women in the Muslim World.

Women’s Learning Partnership’s Goal Is to Empower Women, Says President of the Organization

VOA News / By Judith Latham
Mahnaz Afkhami, a leading advocate of women’s rights for more than three decades, is founder and president of the Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP), an international organization that empowers women by developing curricula to train them to become leaders in politics, business, and civil society. WLP has conducted leadership-training workshops in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, and Brazil. The basic curriculum has been adapted to 17 languages.

What’s Being Done On … Effective Networking?

World Movement for Democracy
Our greatest problems are the growth of extremism and fundamentalism, which always affects women’s activism, and authoritarian governments that are now both more threatened by current political conditions and also more prone to use these conditions as a reason for tightening their hold on civil society.

Mahnaz Afkhami’s Remarkable Contribution to Women’s Progress

Iran Dokht / By Pari Esfandiari
My path has crossed that of many extraordinary women in Iran, in the Middle East region, as well as around the world. I hope to be sharing the experience of being part of the women’s movement at the local and global level for over thirty years and reflect [in my memoirs] upon the way women learn from each other and work together and the challenges and opportunities they face in the troubled times in which we live.

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