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Perspectives From An Iranian Feminist

Wednesday, December 6, 2000

Chicago Public Radio “Worldview” / By Jerome McDonnell / Listen
Jerome McDonnell speaks with Mahnaz Afkhami – of her work, her books, her life in the women’s movement in the US and Iran, and how it all began.

Iran And Its National Debate On The Merits of Democracy

Friday, January 21, 2000

WAMU American University Radio “The Kojo Nnamdi Show” / By Kojo Nnamdi / Listen
Since the election of the reformist President Mohammed Khatemi in Iran two years ago, Iran’s conservatives have engaged in a heated political battle with an active reformist movement calling for democratic initiatives. Kojo and guests discuss Iran’s national debate on the merits of democracy.

Iran: Leadership

Sunday, August 22, 1999

NPR “Weekend Edition Sunday” / By Ted Clark / Listen
NPR reports on the power struggle now going on in Iran between those who want to maintain hardline fundamental policies and those who want democratic reform. “It is not a minor squabble… it is a deep search for a change that will bring democratic processes… It will affect the whole region,” Afkhami says.

New Year

Sunday, March 22, 1998

NPR “All Things Considered” / By Daniel Zwerdling / Listen
The spring equinox marks the Persian new year. NPR visits the home of Gholam and Mahnaz Afkhami to learn about Noh Ruz, which literally means new day. It is neither a religious nor patriotic holiday, but nonetheless, Persians around the world take part in the celebration.

About Mahnaz Afkhami

A lifetime advocate for the rights of women, Mahnaz Afkhami works with activists across the world, especially in Muslim majority societies, to help women become leaders. She is Founder and President of Women’s Learning Partnership for Rights, Development, and Peace (WLP), Executive Director of Foundation for Iranian Studies...more