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A Peaceful Revolution: Review of the Activities and Achievements of the Women’s Organization of Iran (In Persian)

Wednesday, January 1, 1997

In Iran Nameh / A Peaceful Revolution: Review of the Activities and Achievements of the Women’s Organization of Iran

Women’s Rights Gaining Attention Within Islam

Thursday, May 16, 1996

The New York Times / By Barbara Crossette / Also in Persian
Individuals and women’s rights groups are applying pressure for change. They want the right to education, both secular and religious; they seek changes in economic practices to allow women to own and inherit property; they also want reform in Muslim family laws that often leave women at the mercy of men.

Faith and Freedom:

Sunday, January 1, 1995

Women’s Human Rights in the Muslim World
faith1995 / Syracuse University Press and I.B. Tauris / Edited

“A gripping combination of serious scholarship and popularising” – MESA Bulletin

Faith and Freedom is the first detailed study to emphasize Muslim women’s rights as human rights and to explore the existing patriarchal structures and processes that present women’s human rights as contradictory to Islam. Academics and activists, most of whom live in the Muslim world, discuss the major issues facing women of the region as they enter the twenty-first century. They demonstrate how the cultural segregation of women, and the monopoly on the interpretation…

Women and the Law in Iran (1967-1978)

Friday, July 1, 1994

womenandthelawiniran1994 / Women’s Center of the Foundation for Iranian Studies / Bethesda, MD

A compilation with introduction; In Persian

Women and the Law in Iran (1967-1978) contains seven treaties and legal texts that were published by the Women’s Organization of Iran between 1973 and 1976 as well as the texts of laws and regulations…

Women in Exile

Friday, April 1, 1994

cover_WomenInExile1994 / The University Press of Virginia / Charlottesville, VA

Edited and Prologue

“a sad, lovely, horrifying, heroic book.”– Women’s Review of Books

Women in Exile presents an intimate portrait of 13 activist women’s flight from oppression, and …

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