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Fri, Apr 1, 1994

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“These are women in exile, pulled up by their hair and deposited, their roots dangling, in some foreign land to reinvent themselves and their lives… a sad, lovely, horrifying, heroic book.”Nan Levinson, Women’s Review of Books

“These are portraits of stunning depth and warmth. Written with clarity and compassion, these stories tell of the loss to nations in political transition when such women are forced into exile.”— Fatima Mernissi, author of Dreams of TrespassandIslam and Democracy

“Each woman’s story reads like a fascinatting novel, and the whole is even more moving than the sum of its parts. Mahnaz Afkhami has given us a surprising, revealing, impassioned, simply unforgettable book.”— Robin Morgan

“In her excellent and moving book, Mahnaz Afkhami skillfully crosses cultures and political systems to reveal the shared trauma of women exiled for what they believe or represent. The courage and resilience of these women in the face of shameful inhumanity inspire faith that their principled decency will prevail over those who persecute them.”– Kenneth Roth, Executive Director, Human Rights Watch

“Extremely compelling and deeply moving”Ivette Valdés, Feminist Collections

Women in Exile presents an intimate portrait of 13 activist women’s flight from oppression, and their lives in political exile.

Read the prologue as adapted for Why Freedom Matters: The Spirit of the Declaration of Independence in Prose, Poetry, and Song

Birds without nests / The Women’s Review of Books Vol. XII, No.6 March 1995 / Nan Levinson
Exiles, Immigrants, and Refugees: Women Making Choices / Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women’s Studies Resources Volume 17, Nos. 3-4 Spring/Summer 1996 / Ivette Valdés
‘Women’ tell their stories of suffering / The Dallas Morning News April 17, 1997
November 10, 1994 (In Persian)

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About Mahnaz Afkhami

A lifetime advocate for the rights of women, Mahnaz Afkhami works with activists across the world, especially in Muslim majority societies, to help women become leaders. She is Founder and President of Women’s Learning Partnership for Rights, Development, and Peace (WLP), Executive Director of Foundation for Iranian Studies...more

Mahnaz Afkhami’s Books

Leading to Action: A Political Participation Handbook for WomenWomen State & SocietyToward A Compassionate SocietyLeading to ChoicesSafe and SecureMuslim Women and the Politics of ParticipationClaiming Our RightsFaith and FreedomWomen and the Law in IranWomen in ExileIn the Eye of the Storm coverWomen in Exile (Spanish version)Women in Exile (Turkish version)IRANHandbookENGLeading To Choices Multimedia Pack
"The conditions women have in common outrank and outvalue those that set them apart." - Faith and Freedom

"Iran’s One Million Signatures Campaign for the Reform of Discriminatory Laws is an extraordinary phenomenon. It is democratic, nonhierarchical, open, and evolving in a polity that is none of those things." - Iranian Women’s One Million Signatures Campaign for Equality: The Inside Story, Foreword

"Activism women realize that awareness of rights is the first step in gaining a political voice and the political power to gain rights." - Muslim Women and the Politics of Participation

"We must be bold and creative, our feet firmly grounded in the realities that surround us, but our gaze aimed at the lofty possibilities that our advancements in science and technology promise and that our growth as a global society is only beginning to comprehend." - Toward A Compassionate Society
“A manual that, unlike traditional human rights law, reconceives rights as also relevant in religious and cultural spheres, not just in the public sphere.” – Claiming Our Rights, Madhavi Sunder, The Yale Law Journal

“A gripping combination of serious scholarship and popularising” – Faith and Freedom, MESA Bulletin

“A sad, lovely, horrifying, heroic book.”– Women In Exile, Women’s Review of Books

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Quotables – Exile

"We have learned first hand that nothing is worth the suffering, death, and destruction brought about by ideologies that in their fervor uproot so much and destroy so many and then fade away, blow up, or self-destruct. We learned in looking back over our lives that nothing is worth the breach of the sanctity of an individual’s body and spirit. The sharing of our narratives of exile made us conclude simply that we wish to seek a mildness of manner, a kindness of heart, and a softness of demeanor. We have paid with the days of our lives for the knowledge that nothing good or beautiful can come from harshness and ugliness." - Women in Exile
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